THE ROOP – Keista Draugystė (Matto remix)

Matto resurrected THE ROOP’s “Keista Draugystė”

While the summer tour is coming to an end, THE ROOP introduce a remix of their Lithuanian song “Keista Draugystė” (Strange Friendship), made by DJ and music producer Laisvūnas Černovas, better known as Matto.

“I took on remixing “Keista Draugystė” because the original song is a great piece of work which is worth being heard and revived again. The initial idea was to adapt the song to the taste of dance music lovers, to make a remix which is not too far from the original sound, but with some electronic music taste, stronger rhythm”, – told Matto.

THE ROOP band members trusted Matto’s decisions, since they already had a chance to work with him on their hit “On Fire”, which spread beyond Europe.

“It is easy and exciting with Matto. Currently we are finishing ten new THE ROOP songs which will form the upcoming album. Shortly we will introduce one of them to the public”, – intrigued THE ROOP lead singer Vaidotas Valiukevičius.

Video for “Keista Draugystė” remix was made using material from the original video where Vaidotas and his girlfriend Deimantė filmed each other at home. The couple has been together for 13 years.

“The song itself carries a very beautiful message which almost everyone can relate to, because we are all unique and different, our friendships with others are also unique and sometimes even strange. Probably one of the reasons why I had the idea to remix this song was my personal close connection to it and its message”, – confessed Matto.

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