"Tėčiui" Tekstas Aurelijos Andreikienės

Įrašyta Elvino Skliuto Euften studijoje. Muzika ir atlikimas Laimos Gimbutienės, solo gitara Elvinas Skliutas Euften. Ačiū visiems, malonaus klausymosi ❤
Song for Father
„Could you come back at least for a minute
and hug me one more time?
Could you change anything?
Would you be proud of me?
Even though I know you will never return
and you will shine like a star in the sky,
maybe you will illuminate my path in the dark
and guide me through the fog.
I can’t remember you,
your face, not your eyes,
they were flashing me in your pictures,
and now I see it in my dreams.“

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