Prophet Prays for the World [November 07, 2021]

The Prophetess of God prays for the world. As she prays, you can feel the presence of God. When she prays, the power of God is felt and experienced each time the video is shown. There has never been anything like this phenomenon. In her instructions, she tells you to gather your family and friends to hear the prayer.

The impact on your life will be miraculous. She will instruct you on how to establish a relationship with the God everyone is searching for. She will prove that God is real and wants to reveal himself to the world beyond a shadow of a doubt.

When you are notified that the Prophetess has gone live, then gather your loved ones around while she prays for the people all over the world.

Time Codes
00:00 Introduction
00:30 Spiritual Battle
06:16 Call to Repentance
13:40 Pass the Message
17:33 Prayer for the World

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