Per Lygias Lankas | Through Even Meadows – Lithuanian War Song

Ancient Lithuanian war song „Per Lygias Lankas“ (Through Even Meadows) performed by Lithuanian band Ugniavijas.

This is a live acoustic performance from the band’s concert in January 16th 2021 in the opening of the exhibition named „A Nation Skilled in War. The Lithuanian Military Elite in the 13th–14th Centuries“. The exhibition is organised by the National Museum – Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. You can read more about it here:

Lithuanian and English lyrics of the song are provided below.

Dainos žodžiai:

Per lygias lankas lietutis lijo,
: Jaunas bernelis vainelėn jojo. :

Vai nustok lijęs, skaudus lietuti,
: Oi sustok jojęs, jaunas berneli. :

Oi sustok jojęs, jaunas berneli –
: Atsisveinkinkie tėvų motiną. :

Negaliu sustot, žirgo sustabdyt,
: Mano žirgelis – nesustabdomas. :

Mano žirgelis – nesusutabdomas,
: Mano širdelė – nesutramdoma. :

English lyrics:

Through the even meadows, the rain was raining,
: Young lad was riding to the war. :

Oh, please stop raining, the painful rain,
: Oh, please stop riding, the young lad. :

Oh, please stop riding, the young lad –
: Say goodbye to your father and mother. :

– I can not stop riding, can not stop the horse,
: My horse is unstoppable. :

My horse is unstoppable,
: My heart is untamable. :


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