Lithuanian folk song "In a green forest, a flat floodplain" – RASA SERRA

Lithuanian folk song “In a green forest, a flat floodplain” – RASA SERRA
Lietuvių liaudies daina “Žalioj girioj, lygioj lankoj” – RASA SERRA
Vocal by Rasa Serra
Vocal & Video recording by AV Creative

A professional singer and a teacher of vocal Rasa Serra is the voice of many collectives of the country. She is a universal artist who sings jazz and pop music.
Folklore lovers know this musician from Klaipeda as an unequalled folklore songs performer who often takes part in events organized by the Lithuanian Folk Culture Center.
The folk songs performed by Rasa Serra and their themes can be recognized in pieces played by many Lithuanian and foreign musicians, such as “Saint of Sin”, “World Trio”, “World Duo” “Enigma”, “Donis”, “Exem”, “Filtered Tools”, etc.

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