How to loose weight and maintain the weight loss

Loosing weight is not the problem.Maintaining the weight loss is the biggest challenge.
I was once almost UK size 26 and I was very unhappy.I lost my confidence and started having health challenges.I would snore and it was so embarrassing especially when I travelled in planes .My family would take it in turns to wake me up as they were embarrassed of the loud snoring sound.
It was really tough but one day I made up my mind and started setting realistic targets
One thing always start by ensuring that you are loosing weight for yourself and nobody else
Then try by all means to substitute unhealthy food with healthier options -example if you like rice eat brown rice instead,use brown pasta and anything that you can substitute with whole meal
When it comes to exercise do one that you enjoy doing
I enjoy dancing so I danced and too long walk or sometimes jog in the park
Last but not the list I started a 9 days program called C9 program forever living
If you are interested to get the C9 pack please contact me on +447450952289.Please send me a text first as I don’t pick calls on this number unless u leave me a text ok

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