Greece is you! 200 years the Exotic corner of Europe (1821 – 2021)

Greece. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear that word?
#Greece2021 #1821 #Independenceday
Light blue.
Summer #holidays.
#Culture & sports.
Greek #cuisine.

Perhaps the most important asset of a country is its people.

But #Greece is not just a country. It is a bright #IDEA. A vision that is generously offered to humanity, able to unite and inspire.

Greece means a place of stone and light. Apt description of this glorious land.

The Greek blue dominates…. In the seas, in the sky, in the lakes and rivers.

Together with the glittering white of the sun. These two colors compose the blue and white flag, the symbol of Greece.

From #Alexandroupolis in the north to #Crete and #Gavdos island, the southernmost part of Europe and from #Kastellorizo island ​​and #Cyprus to #Corfu in the west, the Greek language is heard and sung. And not only at this corner of our planet.

The melodic sound of the Greek language is heard wherever is Hellenism, the Greek diaspora and #philhellenes. And believe me you will hear Greek in every corner of the globe.

200 years since the beginning of the Greek war of independence. Two centuries of struggle, passion, thirst for freedom, love, progress, self-determination…

To secure the right for every single human being to have a place under the sun. Safe, healthy, happy and in complete well-being. How important and current is this universal good?

This is what Greece exports today. The Greek way of life and the culture around it. A path to well-being and spiritual clarity, through tourism, nutrition, philosophy and traditions. Love, dances and songs. Pain and laughter.

Cleansing and exaltation. Always under the bright light and the blue skies.

In these 200 years, thousands of Greeks have sacrificed their lives and offered each one in his own way so that Greece, the Idea of ​​Greece, can reach you and nest inside you.

Whoever you are, wherever you come from, in whatever you believe in, it is quite possible that you have just smiled, you were nostalgic and moved by the images that passed in front of your eyes. Greece and everything that it means, has entered inside you. It will exist and live in your heart and your mind. Now you are also part of this blue and white land. You are part of Greece!

Music: A Rebetiko Symphony. Markos Vamvakaris „Bouzouki mou diplohordo”. 54 Rebetes from around the world.

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