Give This Heart a Pen – A film by Jolade Olusanya

Jolade Olusanya, London-based writer, director and photographer has chosen the Canon EOS C70 to create this beautiful portrait video of poet, performer and author Sophia Thakur. The film is a visual companion to Sophia’s latest anthology „Give This Heart a Pen“.

In the film, Jolade explores Sophia’s identity as a poet, her love for writing, performing and her unique artistic process. The documentary shows how she works as she moves through the country, capturing its essence and her response to it in her poems.

The EOS C70 was put to the test as the film is splitting between an interior studio location, exterior of the London in day and night and some countryside locations. In the studio, Jolade planned to make the most use of natural light, that pushed the dynamic range of the camera, but allowed him to work fast and concentrate on the performance of the artist.
Scenes shot around London with Sophia and the young parkour talent, Georgia Munroe, show the low light ability of the camera as we move from day to night. The scenes explore the link between poetry and movement, which is represented perfectly by the 4K 120 FPS slow motion feature of the camera.

The video was shot entirely on the Canon EOS C70.

Canon EOS C70:

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