Dalia Kubiliūtė – Jazz Waltze. Song Without Words (Daina be žodžių) Music by B. Gorbulskis

Dalia KUBILIUTE sings Benjaminas GORBULSKIS’ songs (5)
Dalia Kubiliūtė dainuoja Benjamino Gorbulskio dainas (5)
Daina be žodžių.
Groja Vilniaus Sratybininku rumu estradinis ansamblis (vad. J. Cijunelis).

DALIA KUBILIUTE was a Lithuanian singer, well-known in former USSR. Her particular and spectacular voice had no equals at the time. In the 70th, she was one of very few Soviet singers to sing jazz.
In 1970, during her tour in MOSCOU, DALIA KUBILIUTE was invited to sing with the famous ALL-UNION RADIO and TELEVISION VARIETY SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA directed by Maestro YURI SILANTIEV.
However, the destiny of this wonderful singer and honest person didn’t make her a lot of gifts. Human rights situation in the state of totalitarianism, the common corruption and envy between the musicians of the Soviet ere succeeded to destroy this sensitive artistic soul. After a few years of huge success, DALIA KUBILIUTE disappeared from the public horizon.
A lot of DALIA KUBILIUTE’s songs in the archives have been undamaged. Currently, we have found almost forty sound recordings. Fortunately, modern technologies helped repairing it. So, all recorded songs of DALIA KUBILIUTE will be published.

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