Classical Singer First Time Reaction- Dimash | Bastau 4. He's Quickly Growing as an Artist!!

My name is Josh. Subtitles: 17 languages.
Bastau Songs Covered:
Give Me Love
S.O.S D’un Terrien En Detresse
Another Blizzard (Duet with Kristina Obakaite)
Michael Jackson Tribute

Dimash is improving vocally and stylistically at a rapid rate! I loved his new take on the 3 songs here that I have seen previous versions of. He’s definitely been working on his dancing as well. And the production quality at this concert is extremely high. The effects and the backdrop are amazing. One more Bastau reaction and then on to the good stuff you’ve been patiently waiting for from 2018. I can’t wait to continue my Dimash journey. Thank you for watching my reactions.

Original videos:

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