AutoTrade Gold 4.0 – Automatic Trading Robot based to the Gold market. Forex Bot Trading xauusd MT4

AutoTrade Gold 4.0 👉 🇺🇸 Subtitled Tutorial. New process Coinpayment : One of the best automatic forex trading robots dedicated to the Gold Market (#xauusd). Autotrade is reliable and offers exceptional profitability. Detailed process between PantheraTrade, PTSDI and Binance sites.

In this video tutorial, I’m not going to praise the AutoTrade Gold robot in any way. I also won’t tell you about the 14,000 users around the world or even the 15% monthly profit that this trading robot has offered for over a year. I will not say a word about its 5 or 6 annual losses which it made up for the very next day, nor even on its drawdown which never exceeded 2%. In short, I won’t say a word about all this.

However, I will explain to you
– how to register quickly without making any mistakes ?
– how to deposit your funds using cryptocurrency ?
– how to pay for your license and upgrades ?
– how to recover your earnings and your starting capital ?

I will also give you some tips on each step of the way.

Tutorial video :
⏱ 00:02 – Presentation of Autotrade Gold
⏱ 00:41 – Cryptocurrency Exchange
⏱ 01:16 – Updated Process
⏱ 01:37 – Risk warning and Disclaime
⏱ 01:53 – Tips and Tricks step by step
⏱ 03:02 – Start with PantheraTrade broker
⏱ 03:41 – Valid your PantheraTrade account
⏱ 06:37 – Open your Trading account
⏱ 07:20 – Log into the PTSDI website
⏱ 07:50 – Licenses Prices for Autotrade Gold 4.0
⏱ 09:37 – Select your Autotrade license
⏱ 09:54 – Pay your license with Coinpayment
⏱ 11:12 – From Binance to Coinpayment
⏱ 12:56 – Deposit your capital at PantheraTrade
⏱ 14:35 – Congratulations, it’s all over
⏱ 15:01 – Install MetaTrader 4
⏱ 16:15 – How to withdraw my earnings ?
⏱ 16:49 – How to upgrade my licence ?
⏱ 17:19 – Do you have questions ?

AutoTradeGold is a reliable, efficient and regular automatic #TradingBot, developed by the Indonesian company PTSDI since March 2020. The robot works with a broker (exclusive broker) by the name of Panthera Trade (

The company chose to work with this unregulated broker in an effort to avoid any copying of its product. Thus, no trader will be able to follow the buy and sell signals during his trades. AutoTrade Gold works in scalping mode (short-term trading), 1 to 2 times a day with the aim of obtaining a daily return of between 0.5 and 1.5%. It does not trade on weekends or on the stock market close. The profitability of the AutoTrade Trading Robot is around 15% per month.

Contact :
👨 David Touzet :

Registration process between PantheraTrade, PTSDI and Binance :

✅ With the PantheraTrade broker to deposit your trading capital
Registration start:

✅ At the Binance exchange for transferring and receiving funds

✅ At the PTSDI company for the purchase of your license

✅ Adding your Metatrader 4 mobile application to track your daily earnings.
– Android:
– IOS:

✅ AutoTrade Gold 4.0 results

✅ Binance referer link

✅ Coinbase referer link

✅ referer link

✅ TinyPNG – Compress PNG images

Questions answers :

💬 How much does a trading robot cost?
The minimum cost of AutoTrade Gold starts from $ 200.
– $ 100 for the license, and
– $ 100 for the broker
(transaction costs included).

💬 How to use and have a powerful trading robot?
Just use Autotrade Gold and click on the link:

💬 How to install a trading robot on Mac or PC?
Autotrade Gold does not install like basic software, everything is done online following various registrations (broker, designer and exchange).

💬 What is the best trading robot?
Currently, with a profitability of 15% per month, my preference is AutoTrade Gold

💬 How to track your daily #AutoTradeGold earnings?
By downloading the free MetaTrader 4 (MT4) app.

Metatrader 4 Account :
🤖 Login : 73815035 /// Password : BsCTN2 /// Server : LegoMarket-REAL Server
🤖 Login : 73817427 /// Password : KQapCb /// Server : LegoMarket-REAL Server

⚠️ Warning
The Forex market is a highly speculative, extremely risky market although the profits, and you will see it can be considerable, you should always understand that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. This presentation should in no case be taken as a solicitation to invest but simply to be taken as information.

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