Exposing the Truth and Secrets of My sick Brother Tristan Strange

Exposing the Truth and Secrets of My sick Brother Tristan Strange

Today I will be telling you guys all the tribulations and lessons my Brother has to endure and go through. It has been extremely hard to be his little Brother, and see him struggle so much. So if I can get his messages out now, I think that would would make him very happy. He has been trying to warn everyone for years and nobody ever listened to him. He knew he was an Angel. He knew he was dying. He’s probably hoping right now that I get this video out to get all his messages out. He knew what his purpose in this life was, and that was to raise the vibration on this planet. I really hope you guys enjoyed meeting my Brother and learning a thing or two. He has a very special place in my heart. So much empathy to give. My Brother had a hard life, and it has taken such a huge toll on me. Please be kind to everyone, and treat people how you wanna be treated. I love you so much Legacy, and I hope you and your Mommy has a beautiful future. Hopefully these messages can help all of us. He knew he was dying slowly so he would post on instagram everyday how he was feeling, what he wanted people to know or genuinely asking them everyday how they are. He is so beautiful and I hope you guys get to see that in today’s video.
enjoy (;

Hey you guys, If you guys haven’t heard of me my name is Shaedan Strange. I grew up in Clinton, Utah for most of my life. Up until my Mother, and Father unfortunately got a divorce. That was when my life turned upside down. I had a Brother with a very rare heart condition Barth Syndrome. He unfortunately passed away last June of 2020. I grew up always knowing I was different. Especially growing up Gay with nobody by my side.. I was alone. I was laughed at, teased, mocked, bullied most of my life growing up. I didn’t fit in anywhere no matter how hard I tried. I hope my crazy, unstable life will help to inspire others, and to help those who are ever in a bad mood or need someone to talk too. I’m trying my best to spread light during these dark times with Covid-19. Stay 6 Feet away at all times. I actually got Covid back in December, 2020. I posted a video of my symptoms if you guys wanna go check that out. Stay safe

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