Is DMT the Same Experience as Dying In Real-Life? | Describing the DMT Realm 🧬

In this video I explain why DMT and death are most likely linked!

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This video articulates the gist of the following: What is blasting off on DMT like? What is breaking through on DMT like? What does DMT feel like? What are the effects of DMT? Is DMT safe? What is N,N-Dimethyltryptamine? What is Changa? What is 5-MeO-DMT? What are DMT entities? What is a DMT trip like? What is the „Spirit Molecule“? Does DMT cause dreams? What is the toad? What is a DMT experience? Is DMT dangerous? What exactly is a DMT breakthrough? What is a DMT Trip Report? Is DMT Natural? Can you make DMT? Where do you get DMT? Why did „Alex Jones“ & „Jordan Peterson“ talk DMT? Can you have a bad trip on DMT? Can DMT be good for you? Did Moses take DMT? Do you smoke DMT? Do you vaporize DMT? What happens when you smoke DMT for the „first time“? Is a DMT Experience in this reality? What are the „side effects“ of DMT? Is DMT legal? Is DMT illegal? How safe is DMT? What is an ego death? Do you leave your body on DMT? Can you die from DMT? Is DMT a drug? Is DMT classified as a drug? Is DMT Ayahuasca? Is DMT changa? Is DMT The „spirit molecule“? is DMT the GOD Particle? What does DMT do to your consciousness? Why is DMT bad? Is DMT healthy? Can you die from DMT? Is DMT a trip? Does DMT make you trippy? Is DMT bad for you? Is DMT scary? What is the science behind DMT? What are facts about DMT (DMT facts)? Can I smoke DMT? Can I snort DMT? Is DMT cool? Is DMT rad? Is DMT unsafe? This video is similar vibes to „PsychedSubstance“, „Your Mate Tom“, „CG Kid“, „dakota of earth“, „Goblin“, „PowerfulJRE“, „VICE“, „Drugslab“, „TripTips“, „SteveWillDoIt“, „The Drug Classroom“, „Hamilton Morris“. This is the same DMT that „Joe Rogan“ (from „JRE“ aka The Joe Rogan Experience), „Mike Tyson“, „VICE“, Hamilton (from „Hamilton’s Pharmacopedia“), „Vsauce“ (from „Mind Field“), „Dennis McKenna“, „Terence McKenna“, „Rashad Evans“, Drugslab, „Russell Brand“, „The Drug Classroom“, „Theo Von“, „CG Kid“, „PsychedSubstance“ (aka „Psyched Substance“), „Your Mate Tom“ & Goblin have spoken about. What is the DMT toad? Can you trip off the DMT toad? Is DMT and purgatory linked? Is DMT and purgatory related? Is the DMT world like purgatory? What is the DMT world like? What is the DMT realm like? Can DMT make you trip into the DMT realm or the DMT world? Is DMT the same thing as 5-meo-dmt? Is DMT and 5-meo-dmt linked? Why is DMT a psychedelic? Can DMT make you God? Do you meet God on DMT? Is the spirit molecule dmt? Is dmt the god particle? How dangerous is dmt to me? Can dmt bring trippy visuals? What happens during a dmt trip? Is dmt enough to give you effects? What are the effects of a dmt trip? Is dmt bad for your brain? Is dmt okay to be safe? How well is dmt and n,n-dmt related? Why is DMT the same thing as dying? Can DMT bring you to a trippy world? Is dmt safe to take with other dmt? Can dmt be bad for you? Why is dmt the way it is? Is dmt scary? Is dmt healthy? Can dmt off you? What is blasting off on DMT like?
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No illicit substances were used in this video! This video is for informational and educational purposes only; do not try this substance or any other substance, whether it be legal or not. This video has been created strictly for education and harm reduction; to help people remain safe by properly educating them about the dangers & truths in an entertaining & artistic way. By viewing this video, you agree to never recreate anything discussed whatsoever. Do not replicate anything you see or hear in this video (or any other videos posted to this channel). This video/channel does not condone or glorify the usage of drugs. Don’t do drugs. Thank you & stay safe 🙂

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